Michela Macfarlane gracefully bounds between the ethereal and worldly walks of life. She turns the mundane into the sublime with one turn of phrase. Her alluringly provocative tones draw the listener into his own evocative experience of something oddly familiar and leave him breathless in anticipation of where she will take him next. All of this of course is a reflection of her own life experience.

Ever since she can remember, Michela has had an affinity for imitating any human sound, down to the subtle nuances of tone, a particular accent, length of phrase, breaths or silence in between, and any perceived emotion behind it. People ask her all the time where she is from, as they detect a different accent in her voice. She puts it down to her chameleon-like tendencies of adapting to any situation around her at any given moment.

Trusting in her talents and passion for music, Michela went on to earn two honor degrees in the vocal arts, a B.A. in Music from UC San Diego and an M.M. in Early Music Vocal Performance from Longy School of Music in Boston. Twice she walked away with the award for Most Outstanding Graduating Student in Music. For six years Michela enjoyed a flourishing career in baroque and renaissance music, performing with prominent groups on the east coast and in workshops, recitals and festivals that stretched as far as Israel and Romania. She spent two years living in Venice, Italy, where she became fluent in Italian and stirred her incessant desire of losing herself in the sounds of a new language.

In 2003, Michela crossed over into the more modern musical world of jazz standards, pop and world music. With all that time spent recreating songs from over 400 years ago, she delights in putting her personal spin on newer songs that have a more immediate effect on today’s audience. Michela currently lives in San Francisco, where she plans on weaving her way into the hearts of those here. She continues to spend time in the old gold mining town of Murphys, where she presently holds hundreds of hearts captive.

Michela puts her heart into singing with two groups in the Murphys/Arnold area: The Tour Guides and Cantamos. The Tour Guides ( are comfortable swimming in many different genres including rock, bossa nova, country, and jazz, just to name a few. Cantamos is made up of the same set of musicians as The Tour Guides- they just play in a more acoustic-oriented setting with a rhythm section. The eclectic group of local musicians include Fred Treece on Guitar, Jay David on Bass/Cuban Tres, Sam Nilsen on drums/percussion and Ron Schaner on Guitar/Bass.